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El Teatre
Temporada 2010-2011
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The Visit
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The Visit

de dj a ds a les 20h i dg a les 18h
del 17.05.18 al 03.06.18

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by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Directed by Sue Flack and Julie Nash
Version by Maurice Valency by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

Can justice be bought?


Artisitc Director Sue Flack
Directed by Sue Flack & Julie Nash
Music & Sound Design Julian Jahanpour
Lighting Design Tony Murchland
Set Design Dani Polis, Tony Murchland
Props Dani Polis, Nic Miners, Katharyn Valier, Jaume Pàmies
Costume & Make-Up Maria José Labrador, Jessica Inskipp, Patricia Mullen
Movement Coach Jan Clayton
Video & Photos  Inma Alcario, Anna Biosca
Projection Artwork Albert Penado
Stage Managers Lauren Horton, Victoria Simons, Natalia Klyszczyk
AD Maggie Pancheva


Claire Zachanassian,
Sue Flack
Her Husband, Moby
David Lifschitz
Boby the Butler
Paul Jutsum
Paul Cortese
Stuart Young
Koby, a blind eunuch
Siobhán Sheehan
Loby, a blind eunuch
Kiva Murphy
Anton Schill
Norbert Becker                         
His wife, Maltilda 
Maria Pau Pigem     
His son, Karl
Jordi Hanley           
His daughter, Ottillie
MarieBelle Kuhn         
The Mayor
Mark Aspinall                                     
The Priest
Bob Mundy
The Teacher
Julie Nash               
Police Inspector Schultz
Hans Richter
Station Master
Nathan Pond   
Maria Pau Pigem
Siobhán Sheehan
Woman in shop
Kiva Murphy
David Lifschitz
Miquel Pàmies
Acrobat Aina Gea/Sara Nofrerhias


When Claire Zachanassian, the richest woman in the world, returns to the town of Gullen, 40 years after she was cast out, there is only one thing on her mind: revenge. Will the poverty-stricken villagers succumb to her offer of “a million to kill Anton Schill”, or reject it in the name of humanity; “This is Europe, after all”.

A tragi-comedy, The Visit is a macabre parable which poses the question; when the temptation is too strong and the poverty too wretched, would any of us act any differently?

Mayor: “Justice can’t be bought.”- Claire: “Everything can be bought.”

Escapade continues to lay bare the pitiful state of human-kind in this epic example of Theatre of the Absurd meets German Expressionism.


Durada 2h15 (amb entreacte)
Idioma English